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22 Points to Work on, While Preparing for a Job-Interview


Recruitment and hiring are very rigorous process along with training of new joiners afterwards. Still companies undertake it time and again all enthusiastically with a motive to get the right person for their job-positions. Thereby their target is at getting the best candidate, promising them the best return on their investment. As such one simple question would be: what is it that these recruiters look-out for? What do they expect from candidates? Preparing for interview keeping in mind the recruiter’s point of view will help you ace the interview with good marks. Following is a list of qualities that employers seek in their future employees:


  1. Professional Appearance:  Your attire is the first thing that the interviewers notice about you. Wear formal attire matching the purpose and situation. Be well dressed, clean and tidy. Shoes must as well be formal and polished. Similarly your accessories like watch, rings, bags, etc. must as well be formal matching as per the situation.


  1. Communication Skills: Your communication skills are the second thing that is noticed by your interviewers. So work on it properly. It’s not mandatory to talk in English only, instead use the language you are comfortable with but make a clear and comprehensible communication. Don’t use alien phrases or jargons.


  1. Competencies and aptitude: The main focus of the recruiters is to check your competencies and aptitude. So present yourself well before the interviewers and show talk about your skills and achievements.  Work out sample interview aptitude questions as well.


  1. Experience: Your experience reflects what kind of exposures you have/had and thus what skills you have developed in yourself. So practice the summary of your experience to highlight all the best and major parts, in precise.


  1. Training & Internships: As important is your work experience, so well are considered your training and internships. Whereby you not only get corporate exposure, but your skills are polished and new skills developed. So prepare a nice summary for that too.


  1. Drive and goal-orientation: Your drive speaks a lot about your personality and so does your goal that you have set for yourself. So prepare a clear professional and planned goal and present positive drives.


  1. Motivating Factors: Your motivation is very important for your employers. A motivated employee gives 100 percent efforts and is more productive and so the employers always aim at providing you the motivators. So present your motivators and be professional and prepare positive motivators like good work environment, interesting job, etc.


  1. Body language: Your body language speaks your confidence and personality. Sit erect and do not move your hands too much while speaking. Keep eye contact with your interviewers and address all the interviewers while you speak and especially to the one who has asked the question.


  1. Energy and Enthusiasm: Be enthusiastic and keep your energy level high. Even if you don’t know the answers or the interview is stretching too long, don’t loose your heart and let the things go on nicely and be positive.


  1. Perseverance: Perseverance refers to the capability of staying calm in tight situations and not complaining. Employers’ highly preferred such candidates who instead of complaining for obstacles, staying calm look for solutions and comes up with way out. Thus the good list points include commitment to work, hard work, patience and endurance.


  1. Confidence: Be confident in your answers. Don’t stammer or get confused while answering. Avoid making blind guesses and instead be honest and accept if you make any mistake or don’t know the answer.


  1. Reliability: Don’t cheat or make false statements, interviewers are experts and can easily catch you lying. Recruiters look out for good reliable employees who would work with dedication for their organization and represent their company with goodness.


  1. Honesty and Integrity: So be honest and present the true and valid points, you will definitely be appreciated for your honesty.


  1. Pride: Take pride in yourself, your background and the profile you are applying with. As when you will take pride in your work, you will love it and thus bring out more and better results. If you take pride in what you say, your interviewers will definitely understand your positivity. But don’t be arrogant, or it can get you rejection.


  1. Dedication: Show your determination, interest and dedication in working with the organization you are applying with. Interviewers prefer dedicated candidates as the one who is self motivated will put more efforts and give better output.


  1. Interpersonal Skills: Your interpersonal skills determine how successful would you be at collaborating with your team and others at work. Respect others, listen to others, be fair and be approachable.


  1. Teamwork Skills: While at work you would be required to co-ordinate and thus collaborate with your coworkers. Thus recruiters will check if you can gel with the team or not.


  1. Leadership Skills: While hiring employers look out for the candidates with leadership skills, who with time can be developed as managers.


  1. Analytical Skills: Instead of getting panic at a question, analyze it calmly, may be the solution would be intrigued in the questions itself. Moreover analyzing skills enable you come with multiple solutions and long term plans as well.


  1. Listening Skills: One who listens patiently can understand the problem at hand and thus look beyond the question and come with a solution. Moreover good listening skills earn you good acceptance and preference as well at times.


  1. Problem-Solving Skills: There can not always be someone around you to solve your problems. So you are required to problem solving skills and thus take your own initiatives instead of waiting for a spoon feed all time.


  1. Knowledge and Interest in their organization: While companies hiring employees look out for the ones who are really enthusiastic and determined to associate with their organization. As the one who has real interest only will offer those good services and a long term relation.



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