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Career Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Your career is the one most important concern for you, whether you are an experienced professional or a college pass-out. Everyone aspires for a successful career.

People in order to, earn success and position early in their career and to reach their goals fast; take shortcuts and land on mistakes which leave a mark on their career forever. To succeed and have a prosperous career, you need to be active and contribute your true efforts in it. You thus need to know the most deadly of the career mistakes and avoid them in your career:

  1. Job Hopping: Switching jobs too frequently catches a bad impression. Employers usually are seen avoiding such candidates, who are too frequent in changing their job as it reflects:
  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of reliability
  • Lack of sincerity
  • Lack of perseverance
  • Lack of collaboration and team spirit
  • Self centered and money minded
  1. Running after money: Though it is difficult to get away from the lust of money, but choosing a career for money is also a solution. So, don’t take up a career just because it pays more and no growth opportunities. The charm of money fades away over a period of time, while career growth and skill enhancement takes you long and high.
  2. Lack of career planning: If you don’t plan your career for both short term goals as well as long term goals you may end up confused and stagnating at a position. Be proactive and give your career a strategic supplement.
  3. Taking work for granted: When assigned a work be responsible for it and take the ownership of it. Ensure that you perform your job with full commitment and give in your 100% efforts. If you try to hide away from your responsibilities, there could be chances of you losing the job; and faith and respect even higher. This attitude will not let you grow in your career and you will always find yourself looking out for a new job.
  4. Changing job because of irrelevant reasons: Changing job/career just because your boss criticized you before the whole team or you hate your job is not advisable. Changing job is a big decision and you have to be reasonable in it.
  5. Stealing away from work: Stealing not only company cash or property, but stealing away from the work assigned as is to steal company’s resources. Moreover using company’s other resources for your personal use as well is prohibited.
  6. Getting Personal with your boss: Getting too close and friendly with your boss though may get you short term benefits, but it’s really not advisable. Your boss may start taking you for granted, or may expect too high from you, etc.; and these situation then can land you in problems. Moreover you cannot really make a good career this way.
  7. Leaking out confidential information: Whether intentionally or casually discussing with your friends outside office about company’s important & confidential information cannot be forgiven.
  8. Not accepting your mistakes: Standing like a stubborn running away from your responsibilities, arguing on being questioned and not accepting your mistakes does not works in professional life. If you make any mistake, it’s better to accept it and try to correct it.
  9. Dishonesty: Honesty always and everywhere is highly paid and respected. So always keep an element of honesty in your every job you do. Even while leaving your job be responsible and handover all the files, data, or assignments.
  10. Lack of punctuality: All your hard work and good output will be wasted if you are not punctual and regular at work. Whenever you need to be away from work for any reason, keep your senior and the team informed for the same.
  11. Getting indulged into rumors & grapevine: Refrain yourself from getting involved into any sort of rumors &/or grapevine communication as management really dislikes these sort of unprofessional activities.
  12. Saturating: Getting stale and stagnating being at the same job for a long time? First make sure from your end that you are enhancing your skills. Approach your management for a project assignment or cross-training opportunity. And if you feel yourself stagnating, consult your seniors. And if you find no scope inside your organization, then go for a job switch.
  13. Staying isolated: Staying aloof concentrated to your own self in an organization is not possible. While working in a team you have to collaborate within your team & department as well as interdepartmentally. You as well have to take advantage of what’s out there, build a network. Join an association within your field, get on linkedin, etc…
  14. Keep your personal and professional life apart: While coming to work, you are supposed to leave your troubles at the door. Taking your problems along with you to work or taking out on people at work can short circuit even someone seen as high potential. So refrain mixing the two.
  15. Getting too specialized: At times getting too specialized can narrow your applicability and thus lessen your opportunities. Start as a generalist and get good at several things. Do develop some expertise but don’t lose the rest.
  16. Resisting changes: Don’t be a river, flow with the water like a feather. Try new changes and solutions. Give other fair opportunities as well.


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