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Why Attach a Cover-Letter with your Resume?

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The motive behind writing a cover letter is to attract the employer’s attention and convince him to consider to call you and invite an interview above other candidates.
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Cover-Letter Checklist

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General Template of Cover Letter

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While writing a cover letter keep in mind that it has to be polite and humble, firstly telling the employer why you want this job and then convincing him on why and how you are to be preferred on all other candidates. Check our cover letter sample below. Read more »

Cover Letter: Dos and Don’ts


The key to granting an interview call is a good and smart cover letter. Writing a cover letter requires knowledge of the set of the points to be included and the set of errors to avoid. Following is a list of rules you can follow to ensure your chances of getting success in your job hunting: Read more »

Basics of a Cover Letter

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While writing down your letter, refer to the following points, constituting the important elements of your cover letter: Read more »

10 Tips to Make a Professional Cover Letter that Pulls Attention

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How to write a cover letter that will pull attention and be effective in your job-hunt is the first question at hand while applying for a job. A cover letter attached to the resume, opens your introduction to the recruiter. Read more »