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General Template of Cover Letter

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While writing a cover letter keep in mind that it has to be polite and humble, firstly telling the employer why you want this job and then convincing him on why and how you are to be preferred on all other candidates. Check our cover letter sample below.

And the body format has been shown below:

Your Address (Not name)


Mr./Mrs. XYZ (Be specific about the Employer/HR’s name)


Company’s Name



Dear Sir/Madam,

First Paragraph: Reason behind writing the letter. Be precise and to the point in terms of what post/profile you are applying for, what drives you to the organization.( Do not include more than 2-3 sentences). Thus major points to be included:

l  Why you are writing to the employer( for an advertised job-opening, to inquire about prospective jobs or just to seek advice and help in your job-search).

l  The source of your knowledge about this job, advertisement, mail, job-portal, consultant or reference.

l  Try to connect yourself with the job and if aware do put forth your knowledge of this job, what attracts you towards it and why you want to associate with this company specifically.


Second Paragraph: This is the eligibility section, where you have top advocate yourself. And you showcase your major skills,qualifications and experience that matches you to this job’s requirements. This is the major technical part, whereby you need to be customized according to the job and industry. If you don’t have any direct skills or experience related to it, then  highlight your major achievements and talking about your transferable skills, tell how your past experience will help you in this this job. The length of the body depends on content and how you best you can present it, but do not elongate it unnecessarily. You could try your innovations here, and remember that this is the part that can take you to the interview table or on hold. Major points to be included would be:

l  Break the ice and pull the reader. Introduce yourself in terms of your major achievements, skills developed and qualifications you have to match this profile.

l  Mention all your qualifications and experiences in terms of the specific jobs/trainings/internships/projects or achievements you had. You can also refer to your resume here for details of the same, but avoid copying paragraphs from your resume here. And thus put forth how you would be beneficial for the employer and for that you can site examples here also to get yourself strong marks (but they have to be relevant and strong).

l  Finally summarize all you have written above, referring and relating to the concerned job-profile and organization to be more co-relative.


Final Paragraph: Close the communication hereby in 2-4 sentences. Refer to the attached resume, pulling the reader to go through it, request for an interview and inform whether you would be contacting them for further and when, or ask for the confirmation of further course.  Thanking the reader for his time and consideration close your letter.


Yours Sincerely,


(Your Full Name)



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