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Cutting Edge Interview Preparation

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There could be crowd of thousands of job seekers applying and fighting for the position you are applying with. What is the certainty thereby that you will get selected and be noticed in such big crowd. Take a different approach this time while preparing for your interviews and move ahead the rat race.

Everyone else as well is preparing for the interview and is qualified, some even more than you. So what different can you do to get different form them. Know what exactly is an interviewer looking for and work on those points. Be the interviewer’s candidate and they will want to have you on board:

  1. They probe your company knowledge: Collect as much information about the company as you can. Your knowledge about the company shows your level of awareness and you interest and enthusiasm in working with the company you are going for an interview with.
  2. Ethics and Etiquettes: Interviewers test you on the company’s rules and policies’ parameters. For every company it’s very important that its employees must be ethical and abide by the norms and standards of the company.
  3. Attire: You may be going to interview with an IT company where there is informal dress code system, but your interview is a highly professional meeting demanding professional attire. Always wear a formal and be tidy and presentable. Avoid wearing heavy make up and too much of jewelry and accessories.
  4. Body language and eye-contact: Your body language reflects your confidence, personality and your behavior. Sit straight in the interview, smile confidently, while answering avoid stammering, maintain eye contact and use your hand movement, expressions and voice modulation to match with what you say and intend. Do not over do your expression, or hand movement and at the same time avoid laughing unnecessarily.
  5. Patience and stability during the Interview: Interviewers probe at testing your patience and stability to check whether you have perseverance and stay calm in adverse situations and find solutions. Or will you freak out facing a problem before you. So stay calm and be patient during the interview and don’t loose heart easily. Be strong enough and don’t let your fears and anxieties be caught.
  6. Being on time: Be punctual and try to reach before time for the interview. One who is punctual is expected to be good at time management and thus meet the targets. Thus punctuality always earns you good marks.
  7. Positive attitude: A person with positive attitude is believed to have analytical skills, perseverance, and farsightedness and is self-motivated. Such a person is capable of analyzing the probe, its reasons and thus develops solutions. His decisions are sound
  8. Research the profile well and know its keywords: Read about the profile you are appearing for the interview for, to avoid being caught off guard or looking fool on the mention of the job details. Moreover using your knowledge thereby you can ace the interview.
  9. Go to interview alone: At times candidates are seen coming with a companion to the interview venue, like girls going with their guardian to boost their moral or boys coming with friends for their easy time pass. This creates a highly bad impression depicting the low level of confidence and unprofessional attitude.
  10. Prepare a list of questions: Interviewers generally ask if you have any questions, to know your level of knowledge and determination towards job. Moreover asking questions that concern you like HR policies, work culture, target allotment, etc.; you safeguard yourself against further unseen clashes like unrelated job responsibilities, unclear KRAs, etc.



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