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Last Minute Interview Checklist

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Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking yet exciting. The competition for jobs is tough, and your past experience is important but is not the only factor. Being completely prepared for your interview will bring you one step closer to landing the job.

Before you finally go for the interview, once cross check the interview checklist one day prior to the interview, and see if anything is being left out:

  • Research: Research and be aware of the company and the job profile, you are applying for. Being familiar with the company, its recent achievements, ventures, you show your enthusiasm and proactiveness. This as well shows your professionalism and interest for this position.
  • Appearance: While at a job interview you are required to bear a tidy and presentable look. Make sure that you wear clean and pressed formal attire, your hairs are neatly styled, neat nails and polished shoes. Your attire will earn you the first impression advantage.
  • Arrival: Sleep early so that you can wake early and are fresh the interview morning. And leave early for the interview venue to keep an extra time with yourself for unforeseen situations &/or for the pre interview formalities at the reception.
  • Body language: Your body language reflects your personality and inner self. Whether you are confident or not, interested in the job or not, responsible or not, and so on. Sit erect in the interview, with your hands loosely in your lap or on your thighs or on the arm chair. Shake hands confidently, make eye contact, keep smiling and be calm.
  • Interview File: Be sure to take all the needful documents with you to the interview. Don’t forget your resume copy. And your folder must be professional and presentable. Keep a pen with yourself.
  • Follow up: At the end of the interview, ask by when the decision will be made and you will know that. Proactively follow up with your employers and send him a thank-you note email or SMS as soon as you are back from the interview; for his time and consideration. Follow-up for the results and further meeting within 10 days asking for the concerned position.


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