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Questions You Must Ask Your Interviewer

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Job-seekers mostly avoid asking questions in interview, trying to make a modest impression and afraid that on asking questions, they may lose the job-opportunity. But it’s not all about getting the job, you are entering into a long-term relationship with the company and you both need to know each other. Your interviewer thereby expects you to be curious about the company, reflecting your interest and enthusiasm in working with them. That is why, interviewer’s one of the common question is “Do you have any questions”. Asking questions thereby is important to know the environment you are entering, from your point of view and to ace the interview, strongly establishing your candidature, at the interviewer’s end.

Below is list of most common questions, a must to be asked:

  1. How does the company maintain their workforce: The first question must be related to the company’s recruitment-downsizing policy and status. How does the company handle its their employees is very important to be understood.
  2. What would be my key job-responsibilities: One of the preliminary things to do is to understand your role inside the company and your relation to your superior and sub-ordinates.
  3. What are the major obstacles/hindrances faced in this job: To better understand your role and the job you going to take on, you must ask about the most common obstacles/hindrances faced in this job.
  4. What is the major targets/achievement levels expected: Asking this question you get a better idea of the job nature as well as your employer. Thus you as well come to know how
  5. What qualities/skills I must work force in the tough situations like economic downturn, etc…
  6. How do they define the work-environment and the morale of their employees: To get an idea of what is the management’s approach towards
  7. What skills you need to have/develop to perform well: This question shows how proactive you are and how determined you are towards getting this job. Asking thus you as well show how responsible you are.
  8. What is the next stage of this recruitment process: Asking this question you show your interest and enthusiasm in the job at one hand and your confidence at the other. At the same time you get to know how to proceed further and how much efforts thus to now put in more here.
  9. What issues (if any) have been there in past in this job: You as well are expected to explore the past track of the job position you are applying for. Thus you can ask why the previous person left the job, what issues have before aroused with regard to this position.

The company collects all relevant information about you, similarly it’s your duty as well to know about the company, its HR policies and other basic details. There must not be such lack of communication, which could lead to dissatisfaction in any of them. So it’s recommended that while you go for an interview. You must ask questions to know what are your responsibilities and relations inside the company; and to know your environment as well.


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