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Resume Objective

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The term ‘Objective’ by definition only refers to the purpose set forth. Objective section is the first part of the resume content wherein you represent your professional ambition, your career goals. Herein you have to briefly write down what you aspire to do in your career, and what goals have you set yourself. Your objective thus is an indirect promise to your employer, what you are capable of and what you are targeting at.

While writing your objective:

  • Be precise and to the point and do not stretch it more than 2-3 sentences. Don’t write stories explaining what you want to do. State it all in brief.
  • Personalize your objective, tailoring it according to your prospective employer and industry, to match with the profile requirements. Employers find it impressive to see the applicants take an extra effort to write a personalized objective statement for them.
  • Customize your objective, by including the job description key words, pulling the attention of the employer.
  • Talk about your goals connecting it to your growth and skill enhancement, which would contribute to the company’s performance.
  • Convince your employer about how proactive you are towards your career and responsibilities.
  • State your knowledge of the field and its requirements. Relating your knowledge would thereby add to your worth and suitability to the position you are applying for.
  • Be specific and clear in your resume objective statement, showing what exactly (and how) you want to do in your career.
  • Be reasonable in your objective statement. Making false or unrealistic statement or too optimistic approach is not recommended.
  • An objective statement is optional, so if you are not clear about what you want to tell the employer as your objective, it will be better to skip this section. But don’t make any vague statement, refrain using jargons.
  • Your objective statement must be a match to the profile you are applying for.

A Few Sample Resume Objective Statements:

  • To obtain a position at ABC Company where I can maximize my management skills, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.
  • To get a position of an elementary education teacher at small independent school.
  • To get into customer service management where my experience can be utilized to improve customer satisfaction.
  • To get a management position where I can effectively utilize my expertise in human relations, project management and team handling.


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