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Questions You Must Ask Your Interviewer

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Job-seekers mostly avoid asking questions in interview, trying to make a modest impression and afraid that on asking questions, they may lose the job-opportunity. But it’s not all about getting the job, you are entering into a long-term relationship with the company and you both need to know each other. Read more »


Last Minute Interview Checklist

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Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking yet exciting. The competition for jobs is tough, and your past experience is important but is not the only factor. Being completely prepared for your interview will bring you one step closer to landing the job. Read more »


Cutting Edge Interview Preparation

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There could be crowd of thousands of job seekers applying and fighting for the position you are applying with. What is the certainty thereby that you will get selected and be noticed in such big crowd. Take a different approach this time while preparing for your interviews and move ahead the rat race. Read more »


22 Points to Work on, While Preparing for a Job-Interview


Recruitment and hiring are very rigorous process along with training of new joiners afterwards. Still companies undertake it time and again all enthusiastically with a motive to get the right person for their job-positions. Read more »


Things to Avoid in Job Interview

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An interview is the opportunity to get your dream job. While appearing for an interview you need to assure that everything falls at the right place to secure the position you are applying for. Read more »