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Tips to Boost Your Earning Potential

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Money acts as the biggest drive and best motivator in every professional’s life. Money acts as the tool to get yourself all the pleasures of life and happiness.
If you are in the same mood and wish to make more money, you got to enhance your overall worth and market value. To help you enhance your earning potential, we bring you the following list of major boosters:

  • Be a Partner more than an employee:

Your mindset at works matters a lot. If you are yourself demotivated and feel dejected, no one else can motivate or inspire you. Instead of feeling yourself as a worker, think of yourself as a business partner who is serving the client and playing his part for the organizational growth and in turn is accepting a salary. As a business of one, it’s your responsibility to add value to the company and come up with plans and strategies to optimize the resources and bring in profits and ROI. This demonstrates your active role in the business and your understanding of the systems and thus your value for the organization.

  • Add on to your educational qualifications:

Higher education both in form of a management degree or a certification course attracts more money, adding value to the candidature of an individual. Certifications and advanced degrees are becoming a prerequisite for management positions, especially at higher cadre. Earlier started as an initiative to get preference, it is now becoming a regular trend to do degree or certification courses. These courses could be done both as a full time, taking a break from your job or at weekend basis or as a distance learning course as well.

  • Part time internships, freelancing  and volunteering:

Undertaking this sort of part time activities increase your level of exposure and enhance your skills. Hobbies or interests such as gardening, real estate, travel or fitness can lead to side jobs at nurseries, as real-estate or travel agents, or at local gyms. Similarly you can do freelancing jobs which could be/could not be related to you present job. This way you not only keep yourself busy and motivated earning some extra money. But your skill enrichment makes you further a more productive resource for your company.

  • Look out for more opportunities:

Analyze the job description for the position ahead of you in the hierarchy or in other departments/projects and make sure you have what it takes to perform that job.  Note the skills and contributions required for that position, and try to fill in the missing gaps in your experience. For this you may undertake any departmental test & training, or volunteer outside your organization to get such experience. Thus you need to keep your eyes open for the possibilities further and get yourself at a point where you can do the job of the person at the next level proving that you are qualified to do it.

  • Follow your mentor religiously:

Find a mentor who can understand your set of strength and weaknesses and what is your impression within the company; a person who will show you how to go further in advancing career levels. This relationship could give you an edge in presenting yourself more effectively and ultimately increasing your earning power.



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