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Top 10 Tips for Resume Writing

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Your resume means a lot while applying for a Job, as it can largely gain you an attention, earning an interview call or take you to the stand-by. So while writing a resume take care of drafting an effective and attractive Resume. And if you are bothered about how to do that, below is a list of top 10 resume-writing tips for your reference:

  1. Review and Select Resume Template: Select the most suitable resume template. Use basic font style and size, which must be clearly readable and do keep standard spacing amongst the content.
  2. Contact Details: Give full and current contact details, so that if and when required, the recruiter could contact you. And use a professional email id in resumes; avoid using ids like angel, chocolate, babes, etc.
  3. Use Job-Oriented Keywords: Tailor-make your resume according to the job-profile you have applied for. Use keywords related to the job-profile in your resume. Especially your skills section must reflect your suitability for the concerned profile.
  4. Choose the Right Resume Format: A number of resume formats are available on internet today, which are industry specific, profile based and in line with your experience profile. So choose the one that is most suitable for you.
  5. Draft the Resume on Priority Basis: Prioritize your points and details so that while drafting your resume you know what to write first and what at last and the details must be in an order like, start with your objective, then write your experience starting from the latest one to first and so on.
  6. Write a Customized Resume: Recruiters focus at filtering out good and talented candidates and who are aware of the profile they are hiring for. Customizing your resume thereby creates a good impression and gets you preference.
  7. Customize Your Career Objective: Your career objective generally opens your resume. It’s your promise to the organization and your aspirations for yourself. Thus customizing it according to the job profile will get you good score.
  8. Customize your skills: More than what you have, it’s more important how you serve your possession, while marketing the most valuable thing, “YOU”. So customize your skills according to the job profile you are applying for.
  9. Compliment Your Resume with a Professional Cover Letter: A nicely written cover letter attached along with your resume offers you the advantage of sending a professional personalized introduction. And it as well gets you the opportunity to pull the attraction of the reader to interest him in reading the whole of resume.
  10. Email Your Resume: While sending your resume on email, refer to the instructions/ requirements of the employer, the desired format, and whether it is to be sent as an attachment or to be uploaded, etc.



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