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Why Attach a Cover-Letter with your Resume?

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The motive behind writing a cover letter is to attract the employer’s attention and convince him to consider to call you and invite an interview above other candidates.
It should tell why you need this job, what drives you towards the organization and how you are eligible for the concerned job. Writing a covering letter may appear to be tricky and tough job to do, confusing in terms of what to write and how to write. But the significance of this letter calls you to undertake this effort-full task. A cover-letter attached with your resume adds to the weigthtage of your application, draws you attention and makes a professional impression about you.

Thousands and lacks of resumes and applications are received at employer’s end, but not everyone gets an interview call. So don’t let the opportunity slip from your hand and positively invest your efforts in writing one good cover-letter.

Types of Cover Letter:

Cover letters based on the purpose they are drafted to serve, can be categorized as:

  • Application Letter, which are written in response to a known job-opening, while responding to a specific job-profile vacancy.
  • Prospecting Letter, as the name suggest is written inquiring about the prospective/possible job-opening. These basically are targeted at getting at opportunity to associate with the organization in concern.
  • Networking Letter, are basically sent to get a guidance and knowledge regarding possibilities in terms of job-opportunities and thus to get a help in job-search.

Benefits of a cover Letter:

  • It compliments your resume, by summarizing the details and facts of your resume in a personalized manner.
  • Being your first point of contact, it provides you a handsome platform to mark a good and convincing impression.
  • Cover letters are focused to explaining why you want to get this job, and what skills and experience you have to justify this job-profile.
  • Through your cover-letter you as well can explain your inclination towards associating with the organization talking about the organization, its history, achievements, ventures etc.
  • It provides you a medium of personalized communication to ace the recruiter’s attention and consider your candidature.

The cover letters being so purposeful and instrumental need to be personalized to represent you well and customized to meet the expectation and requirements of the industry/profile you applying in.



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